Warsaw          Kaziu Borucki

Our beloved Warsaw is the capital of Poland
In which all our affairs go on
Where our Polish destiny blooms
And blooms ever greater, like forest heather
Warsaw will keep blooming for centuries
Because she is family, not stranger to the Pole
Warsaw has gone through her hard destiny in life
Experiencing a deadly blow from the enemy
Who, because she'd defended herself, leveled the city out of spite
Taking such  obstinate delight in doing so
Warsaw was killed, but also arose
Resurrecting from the debris of the great conflagration
The enemy understood that you cannot kill the heart of Poland
Because the heart of Poland came back to life and continues to beat rhythmically
Warsaw keeps growing, she's no longer monotonous
As she is developed by her faithful Polish builder
She is becoming ever more beautiful, glistening and white
Grand, huge, spacious ad splendid
New neighborhoods, streets and squares grow up in her
Great skyscrapers and lines of apartment buildings
And in her heart stands the great white Civic Center
Which juts into the clouds like a symbol of peace
Warsaw's coat of arms holds the Mermaid as a symbol of earth and water
Giving an example with her beautiful unchanging charm
And the beautiful and famed Vistula River
Contributes to the blooming of Warsaw
And in her banks stands the Royal Castle
Which once more juts into the blue sky
Because it's connected to our past and history
So that for us Poles, its a great victory
And it holds our ancient history as well
Which lifts us high, like feathers lift the bird
It fills all us Poles with great joy
hat we've got the Castle back, enjoying freedom
Warsaw, which gives us satisfaction and much delight
Warsaw is the symbol of freedom

     During World War II, Warsaw went totally to God, as did Troy, Pompeii, Rome, as did Solomon's Temple. But like Rome, Warsaw was rebuilt, and that should be the national pride of Poles, for Troy and Pompeii were not rebuilt.