Suffering          Kaziu Borucki

No one has got a real happiness
Even though one had a million of hopes
But everyone suffers
And it is part of our life
Through sufferings he wants to carry us into the Heaven
So we need to suffer in our life
Because suffering can make us better
And we shouldn't try to escape from it
Even though sufferings are very difficult moments in our life
But God take them from us
And if someone doesn't suffer in his life
He will not be solvated
Even a God has been born in a barn
And he was leaving this world among rascals
We should remember it through whole our life
To help carry the cross for Christ
There is a lot of people who want to carry a cross
But because it is very heavy they fall down
God wants us to be a heroes
So the tests us to our limits
He sends his saints through all sufferings
Because He loves them a lot
They were fighting with human ignorance
In painful sufferings they were giving a joy to God
In their sufferings they haven't dealt with devil
But victoriously they devoted themselves for Christ
God has prepared for them in heaven great rewords
That we could not understand
Because God is so great and perfect 
That human's mind is for Him to little
For God our sufferings and pain
Are like bread and salt for us
So everyone should offer to God it's sufferings
Because He holds whole universe in His hand
And He will save us from all the pain
He will rescue us from all sufferings
And we will joy God in the Heaven forever