The Sportsman         Kazik Borucki
A sportsman has always high aspirations
Even thou he has to go through a lot of difficulties
He struggles to get renown
And to show his fortitude
On the beginning it is a hard job
It costs him a lot strife and patience
Because it is a hard and uphill task
But he console himself that will bring him a joy
He practices in his club
To give his body a strength
Every day will bring him something new
And his whole body will have a good exercise
His ambitions grow when he success
So do his qualifications every day
And he travels to the new town
To have even greater success
And when he arrives to fight on the stadium
He knows that his opponent could be strong
And no one knows what kind of wind is blowing
If success is possible again
All fans always watch their favorites
And support them nervously
They strain together with the sportsman
And await for a victory
And when this battle finely ends
Kibitzer calls his a winner
We have won this difficult battle
He wants to jump and hag him
Fan is so happy as he only could be
Who is a philosopher or a poet
He calls fully satisfied
Here is a real winner athlete
The winner receives his golden medal
And rises his both hand above his head
When he listens his national anthem
The sun shines high on the sky
The fan is very happy
That they achieved a victory
And the winner is also full of joy
That his glory goes around the world