Privatization          Kaziu Borucki

Privatization is a new nation, liberation
Such an ovation occurs only once
So take advantage of it and go full speed ahead
Private Business gives you chances and advances
Don't be a fool, be a millionaire
Found a company, make your investment
And everything will go okay
If you've got a lot of money, make gum
Because people like to chew it
And do Business only when the sun shines
Because he who is first is always best
And everything will go okay
If you've got a little money, make glue
And piece your life together in this prosperity
Sow the seeds of success with Business
When you're out in  front, you got toil licked
Others may wail when they see it
Yet you're living okay
Because you're making the glue for Success
And when you've got your first bird in hand
You'll found an even bigger company
And you'll found an even bigger company
And you'll do a booming business
Selling soap, more and more
Since people like to wash with it her
So we've got to Privatize business here
To wash away the grime of Communism
So don't scrimp on Privatization
Operate with Democracy here
Be inflamed with great love for Her
And ride on the Wheel of Business
Or they'll take you into slavery
And you'll be as poor as you were under Communism again
You won't even have any chewing gum
And don't look sideways and don't look back
Because Private Business is a good thing
He who's first is a millionaire
He who's last is a fool
For in Democracy, there's the pauper and the Prince
If you lag behind like an empty pitcher
And they won't even leave you a cent
Since Business is only LEASED for the wealthy