The Miracle at the Wedding by Kaziu Borucki

The Lord Jesus performed his first miracle at Cana in Galilee
Upon the request of his ever-beloved Mother
Who was at he wedding in her gorgeous blue dress
Cuddling the small children and stroking their heads

The host of the wedding ran out of wine
And everyone was very concerned about that
But there were two new guests who had been invited to the wedding
Who turned that great sorrow into joy

The vats were filled to the brim with water
As everyone watched the water transformed into wine
The wedding guests cheered up and the groom said
My master, we've never drunk wine this good

Good compared the water to life on this Earth
And he compared the wine to the joyous life in heaven
Only God will miraculously transform this earthly life
Into unending eternal joy for you.

     The first MIRACLE of the Lord Jesus Christ was the transformation of water into wine. God compared water to life on the earth, and wine to the joyous life in HEAVEN. God said very clearly at the Wedding at Cana in Galilee: I came to the world to transform humans' earthly lives, so full of suffering, into joyful, pleasant and eternal life.
     Transformation was God's first MIRACLE, and whatever comes first is most important. God later performed other MIRACLES, too, such as healing the sick or raising the dead, but they were small miracles not very high in value, as they concerned only one person or a few and they were earthly and short-lived Miracles.
     God's first MIRACLE concerns all mankind, all people from the beginning to the end of the world. It's miracle as great as our planet Earth. Our human intellect isn't even able to comprehend what a great MIRACLE God performed for us in transforming the life of an earthly human into joyful eternal life. Mankind will never understand this MIRACLE, for human intellect is too weak.

Kaziu Borucki