The American Landscape

The landscape's different here than Europe,
Although we're still on the same planet
The interesting jobs are not the same here,
The way that things are done is different.

There's this great desert in the middle,
Nevada, without people, trees or animals.
But to the north is fertile Canada,
Where beautiful abundant flora grows.

The middle of America's all desert,
All colored sand and sandstone mountains.
You sometimes find oases that are different,
But they are few and far between.

Oases hold a town or village,
The biology has become transformed
And seems to boom a song into the desert
About this fertile land the people love.

In my travels throughout the whole United States,
I felt great wonder as both a poet and a scientist:
Despite the desert landscape, this is all a miracle,
And everything is rich and shimmering.

The splendid bridges, towns, wide thoroughfares,
This is the landscape of a great rich nation.
Reaching from Mexico to Canada, the USA
Has the most splendid landscapes in the world.

The shores are lapped by ocean waves,
The dunes, the sand, the many cliffs and mountains.
Earth leaving water looks like graphic art,
The landscape's always gorgeous, never-ending.

The landscape of the USA is varied,
The people number every nation of the world,
And that is why it's lovely, interesting, and up-to-date,
For every nation has contributed its wisdom.

                            Kaziu Borucki