Time     Kaziu Borucki

Time flows on from day to day,

Always measuring our lives.
Time belongs to you, so change
Your life for the better now.
Time is money, so they say;
Make the best use of your Time,
Make it satisfy you well,
Don't let it just run away.
Don't waste Time on trivia--
Life's too precious, life's too short--
And the most successful man
Conquers his own laziness.
Time is merry, Time is sad,
Joyful, satisfied, content.
Sometimes Time is cruel to us,
Causing us a lot of pain.
You have one Time in your life
Which will never come again;
Time goes with you through your life,
Which it shortens constantly.
Never worry, never fear
That you have less Life to live;
Life gets richer every day
And enriches you as well.
And it gives you every chance
To achieve Eternal Bliss,
Joy, and Sadness; nothing else
Can be generous like that.
We measure Time in months and years.
Time's the best Philosopher:
This Greatest Thinker in the world

Shows us all sequentially.

As a poet, I write poems on every topic in the world; this poem, with the title "Time," tells us that we only have one Time and must make full use of it in accordance with our talents. Good work will be doubly repaid, because we will have a better life on Planet Earth, and God repays good work with lovely Heaven. So let us make the best use of Time in our lives so as to achieve a better life on Earth and in Heaven with God.