Significant Occurrences in 1978
         by Kaziu Borucki
That year was a great one for all of us Poles,
And one of the greatest in our history:
Miroslaw Hermaszewski in space above the clouds--
Such honor and glory, emotion, and thrills.
The very first time that our cosmonaut Pole
Flew far into space, zero-gravity flight,
The world grew much wider and friendly for us,
The first flight is always most joyous for all.
And that was the year when a Pole became Pope,
Ascending the highest position in Church;
Our Cardinal Karol Wojtyla brought praise
To God and the world and to Poland as well.
In Poland the joy was the greatest of all
Because it was so unexpected; that choice
Brought great satisfaction to all of us Poles,
Who thrilled to the honor so great that it was.
Krystyna Chojnowska, a Pole, was the first
Lone woman to navigate all around the globe;
Our flower of Poland, our loveliest rose,
Was sailing the oceans and seas by herself.
She sailed all around our whole planet alone;
Her yacht, it was Polish, Mazurek the name.
And every Pole felt like shouting for joy:
We need more such daughters in Poland, we do!
Then Wanda Rudkiewicz climbed Everest's peak,
One more Polish woman to earn such great fame;
She overcame obstacles lengthy and great
And showed the whole world just what women can do.
This was the first time for a European woman
To conquer the world's highest mountain and live.
That year Poland took a great ship by the wheel
Because of her men and her women of fame.

The year 1978 was the most important year in Polish history, since it was the first time that one Polish man was in space and another became the Holy Father, while one Polish woman was the first to circumnavigate the globe alone and another scaled the world's highest summit. As a poet, I used my poetry to memorialize these occurrences which are so important to Poles.