Planet Earth     by Kaziu Borucki

O Planet Earth, our  cherished home,
You are so dear and close to us,
You nurture us beyond compare
Feeding me and my brother too.
You give us food and clothing
, Earth,
You bring us in
and take us out;
Though you cause tears and suffering,
Still you're a flagrant lilac spring.
Earth circling in your orbit grand,
You do the job God gave you well.
Beautiful, nobly varied Earth,
Every planet knows your names.

For you transform material change
And guide us ever higher up,
Leading us people unto God
To Heaven over flowered paths.

You want to bring us all to Heav'n,
So we all crave your nourishment.
You travel 'long your orbit-trek
And never overstep your bounds.
Now, though, technology has changed:
Though earthborn, it's pervading space,
Trying to find some new things there.
Maybe the time was wrong; the Bomb
Threatens to blow our Earth apart
And to destroy our human homes.
We must all work together now,
Knocking atomic barriers down.
We want our Earth to be the most
Gorgeous and splendid planet now.
We'll give you boundless love so you'll
Shine your example to the spheres.
You give us humans priceless gifts,
So we must show our gratitude.
We just won't let the Stone Age back,
We'll fight for you with all we've got.
You must not turn anonymous,
Disintegrating into space;
You must still bring your fruits to God,
We promise to tight atomic might.

This is the first poem I wrote about Planet Earth, quite good considering it was my first, and this poem helped me find poetic talent within myself. But talent is not enough for writing poetry; you also need to be knowledgeable about the world and the universe. Only then can you write splendid poetry, because every individual is just a zero; you always need two indiividuals to build a work of beauty. I know a lot because I travel all around the world and have lived a good many years, which in and of, itself means I must know a lot about the world. I would now like to transmit this knowledge to humanity in lovely Poetry--since, as we know Poles can do every lung, even write beautiful poems.