New York     Kaziu Borucki

New York looks proudly heavenward
Above its clouds so high
The highest one can climb is on
Its marble granite spire
It is our planet's largest arid
Its best metropolis
Its years of lofty work have shown
I-low great it really is
This city standing on a dill
On rocks so hard they gleam
The Ocean's waves lap at its shores
Its roar is colored green
It has a large and mighty port
Great ships sail in to call
All sorts of goods are carried here
In every big ship's hull
A thousand lights shine in the dusk
A starry canopy
And neon rainbows silver-hued
At every step you see
And millions live in this great town
In buildings new and fine
Great country, The United States
Throughout all the time
The cultural capital of the world
And of the U.N.; here
They've managed high affairs of peace
Throughout the world for years
And this progressive, modern town
Speeds world development
With culture, change, and science to
New, better management
New York is the largest city in time world, the so-called skyscrapers. It is also the richest city in the world and occupies first place in every meaning of the word. The largest World Bank is here, the largest concentration of people of various races, black, colored, and white, and the greatest buildings, science, art, and religion of various nations. In a word,
New York has every thing.