Misiu the Doggie    Kaziu Borucki

Your best friend in the world

Is Misiu, Rex, or Hound.
When you're approaching him,
His rapture knows no bounds.
I  wags his tail, he's glad
To have his owner near.
His antics make you laugh,
He's lovable, he's dear.
He's such a loyal friend,
His character is true,
And even if he's spanked,

He stays a friend to you.
He has a bond with man--
A loving, trusting glow--

And man loves him because
He barks so loud at foes.
He barks so loud so as
To keep intruders out,
To make his owner safe

From all unwanted louts.
You'll never be betrayed,
In good times or in bad;
He'll do his best to please you,
He's always sweet and glad.
His attitude is great,
No human can compete;
His body is quite small,

munch he needs to eat.
He knows it right away
When you are feeling sad,
He fans you with his tail,

His presence makes you glad.
A dog's friendship will never fail you. We can be betrayed by husbands, wives, children--whole families and acquaintances can become our enemies, but Dog will always be our Friend. That is why I give Dog the name Friend. Almost one out of every two families in New York has a dog. My wish for dog-owners is thus: may their Doggies always be healthy and happy. In Poland I also own a big dog Misiu.