Green Card  Kaziu Borucki

I came here to America
On a tourist visa
For that
's how "tourists" do things,
Although my Green Card's blank.

Maybe the Americans will give me
A Green Card residency permit
So I can pursue my poetic calling
And help America blossom more.

A proverb says that Poles are able
To build with both deeds and words.
That's at the forefront of historic pictures
And our eternal friendship with Americans.

Poles helped the States become United,
Our brave Kościuszko and Pułaski fought.
The Poles are famous for their courage
And earned so many military medals.

Pułaski gave his life for the United States,
Each year they make him a parade.
Each year New York reminds us of
This Pole beloved by Americans.

Poles helped to build and protect America,
And now they  are building the United States.
The chronicles of history show
Their lives and labor they did give.

This poet also builds the USA
By working every day and writing poems.
My pen describes it all, and they

Will let me have a Green Card in return.

The Americans will accept me in the throng
Of various ethnic groups that praise it,
And my Green Card will link me to
All those new Citizens from all the world.