Good Luck

A Polish proverb says a pinch of luck
Is better than a satchel full of gold.
When we have luck, our work is easier
And we have fewer problems on our mind.
When we own gold but just have rotten luck,
Our gold just seems to vanish overnight;
And when that happens, no one lets us in
And we can only catch a glimpse of gold.
A person always can survive without
Possessing even a single ounce of gold,
But we can
't do without good luck, for then
We're losers in the lottery of life.
Good luck is rare upon the planet Earth,
So that achieving it is difficult;
And many people who had no good luck
Had many days of hardship to survive.
Good luck is better than a pot of gold,
It gives us joy, good-natured calm.
And everybody wants good luck because
It brings good looks, it brings prosperity.
Good luck is man's most precious treasure, and
There is no equal anywhere on earth;
It flows just like a stream of honeyed milk,
A taste that everybody seems to like.
May good luck be with us at every hour,
Both at our home and at our work each day.
May it be with us everywhere we go
And not refuse to be with anyone.
And when our luck is good, we all enjoy
Our lives and everything we do with them;
We therefore want good luck to be with us
This year and every other year to come.

The most important factor in any person's life is Good Luck, because it brings us Health, Joy, Success and everything else we consider an advantage. So as a poet, I wish everyone Good Luck and nothing but Good Luck throughout your life, regardless of age, sex, race, and organizational affiliation.
The poet,    Kaziu Borucki