Christmas 1994

Another year has come arid gone,
O nineteen-ninety-four A.D.;
That many years since God brought joy
Into this bleak and gloomy world.

The birth was outside Bethlehem
In desert-outback misery,
A village known for animals
And goodness and humility.

Wise men and poets, and now God,
Are born in just such tiny towns.
This village is a shining star

That radiates wisdom all around.

The countryside produces Plants,
The basis of all life forever;
It's God's example, reminding us
That He's redeemed us all in heaven.

America is home to all
The nations in this world so fine
All races, colors, faiths unite
To cerebrate e at Christmas time.

A tiny hand, a little child,
Each nation on this world will bless,
And give us many lovely years
And our
so longed for happiness.

God was born in a village, for the countryside and villages have HUMILITY AND WISDOM. Humility and Wisdom are the most important things in the world. God is not the only example; we can also look at Mickiewicz, who wrote "Pan Tadeusz," the world's most splendid book. I was also born in a village on Europe's most important route, namely Moscow-Warsaw- Berlin-Paris, and have also written the greatest Poetry in the world, several hundred splendid poems based on the Gospels, the Word of God; all mankind will thus be receiving a splendid gift from poet Kaziu Borucki.