HOPE          Kaziu Borucki

Hope is life's Companion
Without which we couldn't get through this world
Every one of us is deluded by hope
As soon as we wake from our slumber each morning

And she keeps us companion all day through
Even as our cares increase
She makes us strong and tough
What else would we be without her

Sometimes we have lots of worries
We take them to her not despairing
As she holds us out much faith
And showers us with generous gifts

And even if we're totally despondent
We still feel a great strength in her
And although she eludes us
We've always got her as our HOPE

She's our invaluable treasure
So we're very pleased with her
And even if bad fortune cut her short
At least we still have her shadow

Explanation of the Poem

Life on earth is very difficult, because our planet is Marked with Suffering and God gave man HOPE, FAITH and CHARITY in this suffering life to help him. But it's HOPE that helps us the most. We take strength from HOPE every day throughout our life. If not for HOPE, life on earth wouldn't be possible. Let's thank God then that he gave us HOPE, since it lets us live a beautiful and rich life in he hope that TOMORROW will be better than today.

Kaziu Borucki