Health         Kazik Borucki
When you are in a good health
Everything on the world gives you a pleasure
You find a joy of living
And you feel like an infant
You go through the life joyfully
And all problems for you is a trifle
Because strength grows in you
And everything is a trifle
Being healthy you win your all battles
You achieve success after a success
And you always feel young
Because health gives you everything
It gives you joy and amusement
It brings you a smile and a nice song
It helps you to do your errands
And it brings you a spring
So you own a great treasure
The greatest on this world
It is truly priceless
And it has a flower's beauty
You wouldn't give away your health
For anything in the world
Nothing comes up to it's value
As you all well know
Because when it lives you alone
You will be as an orphan
Your heart well make you sad
And nothing brings you any joy
So take care on your health
That it could always accompany you
Because journey through the life in two
Is always cheerful and nice
Health is the most valuable human's treasure so it should be honored. God, Jesus Christ said, that in healthy body is healthy spirit and in ill body - ill spirit. Man should take care of his body, so he could have a healthy spirit.