Gniezno               Kazik Borucki
The first capital of our Poland
Under Mieszko and Boleslaw
A Slavic nation founded a country
And Poland's fame began to spread
Gniezno means the first "nest" of our country
Our first Polish capital
That's the time when Poland originated
Showing the world her face for the first time
Gniezno, the nest of the white eagle
Which made its home here
Became the emblem of the Polish nation
Like the heart beating inside me
The white eagle appears everywhere
At offices, schools and churches
We place our pride and hope in it
It elevates us in spirit and body
In the tenth century Anno Domini
Our Polish state arose
For ten centuries breaking down barriers
Some of them mighty, large and high
But the Pole with the eagle on his brow
Heroically overcame all obstacles
He did not despair in spirit or body
Although almost never did he have any comfort
Gniezno, our first Polish government
Which was founded by a Slavic nation
The Church was instrumental in it
As the Polish state was Christian
Then came the founding of the Polish state
Through the Christian Catholic Church
Poland joined the Church of Rome
In the year of Our Lord nine-sixty-six.
     Gniezno, the "nest" where the Polish state was born, is the most pleasant place for we Poles, for it is significant as a symbolic place, the nest where all of us were born. We owe that to Mieszko the First, who established the Polish state in 966, seeking faith in God in Rome and taking Dabrowka from neighboring Bohemia as his wife. Poland was born with God.