L. K. Borucki
72 Seaman Ave. #1E
New York, NY 10034

United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510-3501
December 21, 1998

Dear Friend:
        Thank you for contacting me regarding my flight on the space shuttle Discovery. I am sorry that I cannot give you a more personal reply, but I have been flooded with mail recently and I want to try to see to it that everyone gets a response.
         I am happy to report that the nine day flight was a success and exceeded al my expectations. We had a busy mission, with 83 experiments on board and deployment of the Spartan satellite as our major tasks. My primary experiments involved the study of sleeplessness and muscle changes in an older person. The experiments went smoothly and while it is to early to determine their results, I am hopeful that the information learned will encourage further aging research in space and one day lead to new treatments for illnesses that afflict the elderly.
          I was fortunately to be working with a fine group of astronauts - individuals as dedicated and capable as those I worked with when I entered the space program almost 40 years ago. Space exploration requires close teamwork that now transcends age, gender and nationality. I am pleased to say that this was evident among our crew and worked well.
          Seeing earth again in all its fragile beauty and vivid color was a particular highlight and one that is hard to adequately describe. I was reminded again of how there are no country boundaries when viewed from space and how all humanity share a common interest in protecting this beautiful planet we call earth.
          With the coming International Space Station, the next-generation space shuttle and Hubble telescope, follow-on probes to Mars and many other worthy projects, the future of our space program is bright. I think we should aim even higher for the 21st century and urge the President and Congress to increase our investment in the space program so that we can go to places that currently only exist in the imagination.
           Thank you again for your interest in my flight and our space program.
           Best regards,
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          Dostałem ten list od pierwszego kosmonauty Ameryki John'a Glenna 21 grudnia 1998 r. po drugiej podróży w kosmos. Interesuję się kosmosem tak jak kosmonauta Glenn. Dokonałem nawet wielkiego odkrycia kosmicznego.  Jesteśmy zatem jakby kolegami, w dziedzinie kosmosu Wszechświata .