My Second Fatherland

I came across the ocean wide into the world
To see my Second Fatherland, a  gorgeous flower,
Here, far away, within the Western Hemisphere,
I hoped that it would welcome me with open arms.
It took me in with satisfaction and great joy
And hugged this new arrival with a lot of love.
I takes in anyone throughout the whole wide world,
All nationalities are brothers-sisters here.
America's become the Fatherland for those
Who have no home in their own country; here they'll find
Whatever they may need: a nice house of their own,
And work, and lots of bread, a better future too.
You can send money to the Old Country too, because
America is very generous in its ways.
Why is America so rich and powerful
That all the world comes in to make its money here?
For this is HOME for every nationality,
There are no wars here, but there is a lot of love.
Here every immigrant can find productive work,
And that is why your capital can grow so fast.
Here everyone finds everybody else a job,
And everyone works well, with good efficiency.
And here the minds of nationalities unite,
So progress is dynamic, and quite lively too.
Each ethnic group puts everything it knows to work,
Which makes America's performance so unique.
This is the Second Fatherland for every realm.
You come here from abroad, and you feel quite at home,
Because there';s only one such country in the world
Which takes in everyone, accepting everyone.
Each person thus feels good in his new Fatherland
And wants to stay for good, or just for several years,
Because the world  gorgeous, rich, and different here.
For money, capital, and dollars beckon all.
Because our Joy and Hope and Faith are greatest here,
Good Fortune can bestow its smile on everyone.
And people simply come here for Good Fortune, as
Their lives are new in this new Fatherland of theirs.
So throngs of people come here from throughout the world,.
From Europe, Asia, and from Africa they come.
The siren of America's Good Fortune calls,.
And there's enough Good Fortune here for all;  you can
Return to the old country with bags full of cash.
America's the closest thing to Paradise,
The Second Fatherland for millions in this world.
America's my Second Fatherland; it bears
The scars of pen, a famous Polish poet wrote.
For poets speak philosophy and truth: this land
Is everybody's Second Home and Fatherland.

America is every nation's Second Fatherland.

New York, February 1994       By Kaziu Borucki