Fame                      Kaziu Borucki

You can always attain fame
With a little extra effort
If you do something special
Something good and nice
Improve something, not in outer space
But in your own hard fate
To make everything go smoothly here
and cost less
If you see fame even in the trifle
You'll be doing a good thing
For example, writing poetry
But make it new, beautiful and broad
To take away sadness
And give us joy instead
Fame lies new before you
Perhaps it will be the fame of peace
For reconciling the world
What a smart fellow you are
If you want even more limelight
You can attain it by inventing
Making something inventive
Something good and special
How to live to old age
But a healthy and good one
A life without worries and sorrow
Bring that to fruition
Make it paradise for mankind
Make it May all year 'round
That will increase your fame
If you eliminate sorrow and toil
That would be a great marvel
That wouldn't have to go to school here anymore
Your tables would be full of food
You wouldn't have to work anymore
We'd all be so rich
And of course you'd have first-rate fame
Our whole life would be a vacation
And you'd have no obstacles
When of course you receive the Nobel prize