EASTER         Kazik Borucki
Nature awakens from its winter sleep
Rising to new life on earth
Her marvelous beauty shines in the colors of life
And Christ rises in her midst
The full moon shines silvery
The sun brightens the world with its gold
The stars greet us as honor guards
And take God back from the earth to them
The sun has already quietly risen on earth
The women have gone to the tomb in the morning
Wanting to anoint the tortured body
But they haven't found the Lord there anymore
God rose as he prophesied
And he did it all for the earthly being
So man would remember and always know
That God is waiting for all of us there in Heaven

     The Lord Jesus Christ lived his entire life in poverty ad hard work to be finally cruelly beaten and nailed alive to the cross. Why  did God end his life on earth so horribly? The answer is simple. God himself had to personally show that God needed human suffering and rewards ever human with heaven. But once he had died, God would destroy all human suffering, and after a public appearance of God, people would cease to suffer and God himself would ruin everything. But man suffers terribly by not seeing God. As a poet, I'd clearly explain that the mystery of God is that he cannot reveal himself. Every faith is important, because all faiths lead to one God. People have created different faiths in God, and it's good for every nation to profess God in its own style and strive toward its desire to live in eternal prosperity. After all, the Lord Jesus Chris said clearly that he guaranteed us prosperity after death in eternal life, and man here on this earth should understand what God said to man. But man's intellect is weak and he cannot understand God. And it's good that man doesn't understand God, because human sufferings increase, and that's what the whole thing's about.