Częstochowa         Kazik Borucki
Częstochowa is famous from Jasna Góra
And the church placed on that hill
Which rises to the clouds
And a ringing bell calls the pilgrims
The town famous from the miraculous picture
Our Lady the Queen of the Earth and the Heaven
Who rules from the God's order
Because we need her a lot
King of Poland Jan Kazimierz has appointed her as a Queen
When Swedes have been destroying whole Poland
And when Swedish soldier was devastating the convent
All Poles were watching the miraculous picture
And she has defeated the godless soldier
On the eve of Christmas
And monastery is still there as well as famous tower
Which stands high among the stars
Pilgrims from the whole country come here
To the Queen of Poland, the Holy Virgin
To gain some favors
And to thank for gifts from the Częstochowa's Queen
She always will comfort us
And she will wipe our blue tear
Although our heart often sins
She rises her hands toward us
We always see her as our Mother
Because she understands all of us
That our life is so difficult
And in our sufferings she knows how to console us
She knows that we have to suffer in our life
As she was also suffering in her life
So we all offer her our sufferings
That she could take us to the haven
The Holy Virgin has chosen four most important places in Poland -
Częstochowa, Brdów, Niepokalanów and Lichen. In Częstochowa there is most important, large picture, but the Holy Virgin has moved from
Częstochowa to Licheń and as a 16 years old girl as if she cries. But
her face is comforting the whole nation, because she loves it. That's
why the largest cathedral is been build in Lichen.
Presently Lichen is the most beautiful place on the earth.