Krakow         Kazik Borucki
Warsaw and Krakow are two capitols for Poles
We like to remember these words that way
Long time ago Krakow was a capitol of Poland
So we love Krakow as much as Warsaw
Great builder the king Kasimir the Great
Who has build great brick castle
To cross our enemies plans
So they never could enter
Our king Jagiello was a brave commander
He was competently fighting with Germans
To defend Poland from it's enemies
He attacked them with his alliances
There were two queens in Krakow Jadwiga and Wanda
They loved Krakow and Poland a lot
Even more then their lives
So today we thank them respectively
Krakow has greatest treasures and keepsakes in Vavel
They speak about our Polish statehood
In that town there were a lot of kings
And great artists and foreign guests
An artist has created interesting town
Which brings attention today's man
This town is really big
And it charms your eye whenever you go
Beautiful churches and walls with towers
A town hall and lovely cloth hall in the market square
Which have an art collection and Madonna
Kings and princes portraits and some virgins
Krakow is very close to our hearts
That old lovely capital
I know this town from my childhood
It is most beautiful town in Poland
       Krakow has the greatest art collection in Poland, where you can see art work of our forefathers. In this town everyone feels like in heaven.