The World's Broken Heart  New York, Oct 11 2001
New York City is not looking proud any more
Two airplanes have pierced it
And it has shacked its base
From enemies, sinister air raids
Our Twin Towers collapsed
In addition, we all have loved them so much
Mayor Guliani and governor Pataki
And we were very proud of them
Few thousand people are buried in the rubble
From all over the world
And it makes us all sad
So many young people have died
New York - Heart of the World have frizzed
It has shaken the entire World
We all have broken hearts now
Enemies have become world's executioners
And even thou WORLD's HEART is broken
It will still work for us
And all nations will enjoy it
HEART's wounds have joined all people
All nations have strongly united
To protect WORLD's HEART
And have condemned its enemies
For all years to come
Because New York is like a heart for everyone
For all nations worldwide
And we all love it
Because it helps us to face our future
The Twin Towers will be rebuilt
Because they unite all nations
And there will be no enemies
And they will rise straight into the sky
As a poet, I am sad, that Arabs, backward nations, have destroyed our Twin Towers. But let us hope that Twin Towers will be rebuild and dedicated as a museum for tourists. Twin Towers meant LOVE between nations, and this LOVE lies in rubble now. So, we need to rebuild this international LOVE by building new towers. One tower should be build by America and the other by Europe and the rest of the world. And these towers would bring all luck. Like rebuilding Kings Castle in Poland has brought LUCK to Poland and Europe. Poland and Europe have been liberated from communism. And Kings Castle means Freedom, and Twin Towers mean international LOVE. So, Twin Towers should be rebuild.