Brdów         Kazik Borucki
You are our Queen for centuries
As a Queen of Kujawy you are our Lady
You were protecting your children in Grunevald
So they couldn't be destroyed
Pope John Paul II has put you a crown
Our countryman - what a confident
You always take your children in your arms
You have given us a Polish Pope
Pilgrims bring you their thanks but also laments
Because you are highest and most impotent mainstay for them
And when they have some difficulties in their life
Going with you they are not afraid
When enemies have came
They wanted to take your picture
They were planning to harm us
But we will love you even more
Because you are Queen of the Earth
And you support us for over a thousand years
And our love to you will never change
Because we love you more then the whole world
You have chosen a place near lake in Brdow
On the hill where the lake and horizon looks beautiful
Where our kings used to pass through
On the important in Poland path: North - South
People bring you queen of the Heaven their prayer and work
They do it every single day
And everyone puts some sacrifice
And all of our thoughts
And me a poet bring you Queen of Brdow my mind
So you can make it wider and deeper
Because I would like to rise the world on the highest level
So it could serve your eternal glory
Picture of Holy Virgin in Brdow is very beautiful
Cute Kujavian girl with beautiful eyes and pink face
From a lake in Brdow comes a spring which goes to the Baltic
Holy Virgin was in Grunevald and was protecting Poland from Germans