I Love America  Kaziu Borucki

I love Poland very much
My First Fatherland in Europe,
It's my closest heritage,
And I follow in its footsteps.

I've come to America,
My New Fatherland I love now,
Brand-new birth certificate,
I have two homes that I cherish

So I'm starting life anew,
Going to a U.S. school, where
They all speak a different tongue;
Words and grammar new I'm learning.

And I feel so young again,
In first grade just like a youngster,
And my life's grown gorgeous now,
Youth is back, a great vacation.

I love my America,
Different ethnic groups and races,
It's become my new home now,
I have grown to love it dearly.

I love my Americans
With their varied national backgrounds.
My new land reminds the world
Of its varied contributions.

I love Asian immigrants,
Japanese and Chinese, Russians,
French, Hispanic, and Italian.

Pretty chocolate-sweet black girl,
Japanese, Hispanic, Polish
Girls like garden-flowers all.
I love America like a mother In the Far West.