The Television        Kaziu Borucki

Here is the television for few easy monthly installments
So run to the store and buy one for yourself
When you worry to much television will give you some relaxation
And you'll also get some education soon - fee ride into the space
They will take you to the Venus, even thou you don't have to go there
And also to the Pluto, so you could  be content
Soon you will   have a better conception
So don't wait, go ahead and buy a television set
Television won't disappoint you, TV will advise you
And also will tell  you the weather forecast
It will worn you about the rain clouds or the sun
And it will deliver you news from the world
It  will show you a great sport
Because our blood circulates faster when we watch our favorites
When the Pole is first it costs you a lot of emotions
When our Karolak or Magiera were wining on their bikes
As well as our Szurkowski you can hear "hurray" from all over the country
When it comes to the soccer, box or run you can tell that Pole is doing well
Soccer or fencing - everyone is interested in it
When our team shoot a goal - we are so excited
Krystyna Chojnowska sails around the globe - we are getting proud
Wanda Rutkiewicz gets to the Everest's peak
Also Hermaszewski goes to the space
So there is no end of excitement, we are just missing some sun
But don't worry my friend television will take you there
Television makes a miracle it will bring you a lot of sun
It will take you to Africa and later to America
And everywhere you can see a sun over there
Your imagination tells you then you are relaxing on the beach
The water splashes on the rock, beautiful palm trees and the town
Golden sands, warm water soon will disappear - it's a pity
And don't regret my friend, television runs to it's view
And takes you back so you can enjoy swimming in Polish sea
And you can feel the best in you fatherland
So you have a good life, they will even show you a cobra
You will have a good time every Sunday
No, even every day, till you get tired
And when you get up next morning you will say again WELCOME

I wrote this song about television for a keepsake.