Santa Claus          Kaziu Borucki

Santa Claus, known for his presents
All our world over
He rushes us our presents
As we all well know

He's given us big rich presents
Made of beautiful pure gold
He's enriched many peoples home
Which has been his finest work

Who was Saint Nick
He was a bishop of yore
He distributed presents in a Divine mood
Traveling through field and wood

He brought joy to young and old
Wherever it was sorely needed
And today Santa Claus is an example in tradition
Bringing all sorts of presents straight from heaven

Saint Nicholas is famous for presents because he generously distributed money and different gifts to poor people to lessen their poverty and provide them with at least a bit of pleasant joy. That tradition has persevered through the present. Today there are no poor people, but there are children, and for them Santa Claus brings presents and children are enormously delighted that they've gotten something from Santa. The tradition of giving presents is very nice and will remain with forever.

Dear Children,

Santa Claus is busy and has no time to go to the store to buy a gift, which you wish in your letter. Please go with your Mom.
Here is some money for you $ _____

Santa Claus