Queen of Virgin         Kazik Borucki
We send our prayers to you
Our Queen of Virgin
We want to serve you as your knights
For you, oh our sweet Mother
We serve you everywhere our Queen
As knights from your nominations
Shell your name be blessed
In the office, factory,  theater and in the farm
We love you a lot our Queen 
By all our hearts
We come to you, Queen of Virgin
Because we always want to be with you
We are your unbroken knights
We defend your dignity
Holly Virgin don't let your soldiers
Ever despair in you
You send your beam from Warsaw
Also from Niepokalanow to the whole country
So when your knights get some despair
They could have you as their mainstay
You have had a great knight
Who have given his life for other brothers
His name is Maksymilian Maria Kolbe
He will get his reward in Heaven
We pray to you our Lady
Through rosary
And through the Angelus with prayer of our Pope
We are going to you Holy Virgin
Queen of Earth Moon and the Sun
And all stars on the sky
Be with us all the time
And take us to you on the end
I want to thank you for everything in this poem
Oh Holly Virgin, our Queen
You have come as first to me with your help
When my mother was ill
On our everyday prayer with my sister
As young kids
We used to kneel down on the front of your picture
And you have returned her to the good health