Plant - the Queen of the Life   Kazik Borucki
All poets have forgotten about you
As well as scientists and philosophers
Only a farmer who's brow is sweating
Never has forgotten you - Queen of the Life
And no sage has taken a pen to his hand
And never wrote this noble word
But you struggle with the element and suffer
And no one has told you - keep well Queen
Only a farmer who always looks after  you
He can write these beautiful and rich words
Because this thought always lives in his soul
And he talks to you - Queen of the Life
Only you can obtain food of this earth
Through your roots in the ground
This food of earth will miraculously transform
So people and animals could eat it
You were most beautiful and always will be
Because you have green and other shadows of colors on you
You were most important and always will be
Because only you can transform the food
Just as human you suffer hunger cold humidity and swelter
And different diseases are attacking you
But you are doing you noble job very well
Because  you know that everyone needs you
You are a foundation for peoples animals' and birds' live
And only because of  you we all can exist on this earth
Because when you die on your farmer's hands
You fall so everyone could live
You are most noble hero of our world
You die for others but you don't ask for a reword
And through all of these years
You always have most beauty and riches
     The plant is most important on our world because only the plant can obtain a food on the earth. Without the plant human could not live, because human cannot obtain food himself and that's why he calls the plant - the Queen of the Life. Human feeds himself by the food from the Earth and the Sun.