Holy Virgin of Licheń   (Religious Song)
Holy Virgin Queen of Poland
You send your gleams through your picture in Czestochowa
Through Queen's picture to the simple people
To Lichen and it's people
You have a white eagle on your chest
An emblem of Polish nation
A hardly wounded soldier in Napoleon War
Has been miraculously  healed by you
He brings from Czestochowa your holy picture
So it could be worshiped by the congregation
You, Holy Virgin, as a youth have been appeared
To the shepherd on the forest tree
You have come to us from the Heaven
To make a greatest miracle
Because your people, oh our Queen of Heaven
Are so little as a wayside shrine
But these people are bringing you great gifts
Through it's suffering and your Holly Picture
For thousand of years of it's existence
It never despair on you
Because you, oh our Queen
You always come in time
We as your children love you
Don't ever leave us alone
Holy Father prays to you
Through angels
Every day in the noon
Because you shine to us as a sun
We are praying: Beautiful Lily
Through angels
Our Queen with an eagle on your face
You always support us on our soul and the body
So we could never fall down
And always would love you
Holy Virgin in the golden crown
You sit on the Heaven's throne
Please bless our farmer
And also each worker 
Because we have nowhere to go
But to you to look for your rescue