Learn from the Moon     Kaziu Borucki

At first they used to say it was made of dust
But when they got there the dust was gone
They studied it from top to bottom
To see if man had lived here
They took samples over and over
And learned there's no life here
Or perhaps there was, in another form
Totally different from that on Earth
And they learned nothing about the Moon
This concerned them so much
Since they found no life
So we cannot conquer the Moon
Yet man did live here, too
But he wiped himself off the face of the planet through his ignorance
And didn't even realize
That he'd never attain the fame he'd planned
And incinerated his planet in great flame
Which we now say was a comet
Through recklessness and malicious deeds
Leaving his planet lifeless
And we conjecture and say
That no one knows anything about life on the moon
And such a fate could also await our planet
Should that terrible atom spread
So go out in the evening and stand a moment
Take a good look to see if that's your image
And you can say with no resentment
That it's similar to a human face
So, ponder, ye mankind, here
To what matter ye belong
Are ye of rock or other stuff
Of inanimate or animate matter
And fight the atom in all gravity
Apply and use it for peaceful purposes
To help you in your difficult toil
Not to be wiped from the face of the earth by the atom's thorny specter
May God Almighty help he in this, mankind.

The poem "Learn from the Moon" clearly says that people also lived on the Moon long ago, but they destroyed it with the atom bomb.