Farmer - the specialist    Kaziu Borucki

When someone has a good idea
He builds a specialist farm
And he will feel in his property
Like a king in his kingdom
The farmer has been lived to see magnificent times
When computers will work for him
The computer will do the calculations
So the farmer could have a good income
The computer works to produce earnings
And the cow gives him milk automatically
The porker grows fast
The computer has calculated everything exactly
It calculates fast and gives him results
And hens produce eggs all year round
The computer helps to plant
And when frost comes it will overcome with difficulties
And when serious frosts come
It will try to protect farmers plants
The wheat also grows beautifully
Because computer has calculated composition of the soil
It knows how to prevent the plant from sickness
And it also gives great earnings for the farmer
It protects plants from the weed
Because everything was earlier planed
Even the rain and the sun comes in time
And the sun shines when it's needed
The specialist - farmer smiles - he has a lot of money
Because the computer works for him
And when something goes wrong
The computer will always find a solution
It calculates losses and gains instantly
And immediately informs a farmer about his gain
It also takes a mortgage from the bank
So the farmer could be a rich man
Because his gain grows beautifully
And specialist farmer thinks only about spring
When he goes for vacation to the mountains or to the sea
And computer keeps working for him
And when the farmer has a good time on the beach
His computer runs his farm with a gain.